2018 Growers

Runner Bean Ranch

Beverly and Guy Spencer are a mother and son team that operate Runner Bean Ranch, a small farm just outside of Palouse. Their goal is to raise high quality produce that is fresh and affordable; grown without the use of herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers, in other words the old fashioned way. We feel that chemicals damage the soil so we use netting and row covers to ward off pests and a hoe to kill weeds. The majority of our fertilizer comes from the business end of our sheep, but we supplement  our fertilizer needs with liquid fish and both liquid and dried kelp. We really enjoy growing food and like to think that our love of what we do is reflected in the quality of the vegetables we grow. 

Johnson Cooperative

Green house

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Operated by Chris Wise and his wife, is located 6 miles outside of Pullman. They are a micro farm which operates on the principles of sustainable and organic practices producing vegetables, eggs, chicken and goat meat. They operate their facility with a reduce, reuse, re-purpose mentality. When asked why they do it, their answer was  "Growing healthy food for people and their families is satisfying.  It’s work worth doing and has a positive impact on humanity."

WSU Organic Farm

The Organic Farm is committed to education, research, and extension. As a teaching farm the primary goal is to pass on the skills necessary to grow organic fruits and vegetables in an intensive small-scale environment. The farm is available to the WSU scientific community to conduct organic research projects. In addition, the farm strives to provide fresh produce to local food banks and non-profits.

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