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COA Human Services

Providing Whitman County and beyond with Nutrition and Transportation services. 

Our Staff

Full admin staff.jfif
Paige Collins, Executive Director.jpg
Barb Stout, COAST Contracts & Grants Manager.jfif
Terri Badger, Nutrition Coordinator.jpg
Lauren Olin, Bookkeeper.jpg

Paige Collins

Executive Director

Stacy Garcia, COAST Dispatcher and Aly Sterman, COAST Manager.jfif

Terri Badger

Nutrition Coordinator 

Lauren Olin


Stacy Garcia

COAST Dispatcher

Aly Sterman
COAST Manager

Barb Stout
COAST Contracts &

Grants Manager

Amanda Packer and Eleanor Ery, CLC Specialists.jfif

Amanda Packer and Eleanor Ery
CLC Specialists

Randy Miller, COAST Operations Generalist.jpg
Sara Golden, Kinship Specialist.jpg
Sandy Robinson, Nutrition Coordinator.jpg

Randy Miller
COAST Operations Generalist

Sara Golden

Kinship Specialist

Sandy Robinson

Nutrition Coordinator

COA Human Services

Give us a call: 509-397-4305

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