Who We Are

The Council on Aging & Human Services is a community of caring staff members, board members, and volunteers who share a common purpose to help each individual experience an optimum quality of life.



Board of Directors

Daniel Moore, Chair

Kay Riebold, Vice Chair

Mike Markley, Treasurer

Ryan Lazo, Secretary

Ed Morgan

Nancy Gillard

Mary Collins

Don Cox

Catalina Flores

Shawn McAdams

Jimmy Britton



Paige Collins, Executive Director

Margie Anderson, Fiscal and Operations Manager


COAST Transportation Services

Craig VanTine, Contracts and Grants Manager

Ryan Avery, COAST Transportation Manager

Amie Anderson, Transportation Coordinator

Kerri Mays, Operations Assistant


Nutrition Programs

Sarah Kane, Nutrition Manager

Sonja Hall, Pullman and Colfax Lead Cook

Sue Wilcomb, Palouse Lead Cook

Lynn Morehouse, Pullman and Colfax Assistant Cook

Laura Aichele, Palouse Assistant Cook



Give us a call: 509-397-4305

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