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*If you live in Washington or Idaho and need to arrange for transportation services and you qualify for MEDICAID, you must first contact Special Mobility Services (SMS) in Washington at 1-800-892-4817 or for Idaho contact MTM at

A thoughtful donation to COAST Transportation or Council on Aging & Human Services will help support our programs. Your generosity will enable us to continue providing quality services. 

Do you live in Idaho and need a ride?

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COAST provides rides for all citizens who need access to basic necessities or activities enhancing the quality of their lives.


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In Washington, this includes the elderly, low income, disabled, and children, but is also open to the general public with no age or income qualifications.  


In Idaho, our rides are provided to seniors and disabled citizens based upon proof of eligibility.


COAST Transportation Coordinator (509) 397-2935 

210 S. Main St./P.O. Box 107 

Colfax, WA 99111

*(509) 397-9229 (fax)

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