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Our Values

The Council on Aging & Human Services (COA-HS) is a private non-profit, public-benefit organization committed to enhancing lives and supporting communities with transportation and nutrition services.


We believe in the following values:


- Advocacy: We are advocates for expanded options for all people; we will provide leadership, information, and education to expand and create options and will be a voice for those who need spokespersons.  


- Commitment: We are committed to excellence; we desire to embrace challenges and to create positive change in society and in individual lives.


- Community: We believe that people are best served in supportive communities.  We will strive to unify resources to meet needs by building alliances and providing mutual support.


- Compassion: As compassionate people we will demonstrate empathy by our sensitivity and acceptance of all people.


- Professionalism: As professionals we are dedicated to high quality service, integrity in our work, dependability, and ethical conduct in all that we do.


- Service: We believe in service and that we can best serve by using an integrated approach to help meet the needs of individuals.


- Mobility: We believe that personal mobility is one of the foundations of full participation in a free society.  We will create transportation options for those with needs for special services.


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