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Staff Drivers


• Do not utilize any type of personal entertainment device or cellular 

  telephone at any time the vehicle is in motion


• Assist passengers in the process of being seated and confirm that all seat

  belts are fastened properly and wheelchairs and wheelchair passengers 

  are properly secured. [Boosters or car seats for infants and toddlers are 

  secured in the rear seat of the vehicle]


• Provide necessary assistance, support, and oral directions to passengers.

  Such assistance includes assistance with passengers of limited mobility, 

  and movement and storage of mobility aids and wheelchairs


• Wait at least ten minutes after the scheduled pick-up time before

   identifying the trip as a no-show at the pick-up location


• Accurately maintain a daily log of all trips assigned



COAST Drivers:


• Are courteous, patient, and helpful to all passengers and neat and clean in



• Do not use alcohol, narcotics, illegal drugs or drugs that impair ability to

  perform while on duty and do not abuse alcohol or drugs at any time



• Wear or have visible, easily readable proper COAST identification


• Do not smoke while in the vehicle, or while involved in passenger

  assistance, or in the presence of any passenger

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